AI Markus (Austin I. Marcus, b. 1992, London, UK) is a non-binary musician, computational artist, and perception scientist based in Pittsburgh, PA.

They are a synesthete who experiences the sensory world through immersive multidimensional mental imagery, and who attempts to channel this imagery through sound, manipulated visuals, setting, and applied AI. They use induced sensory immersion as a tool for reflection and sublimation, and as a means of expressing queer identity in its raw psychological form. Through parallel approaches in art and science, they work toward a future where human is faithfully reflected in machine - where AI can be reclaimed by queerness, quirk, sensory subjectivity, and neurodiversity.

They work as a lab manager and researcher for the Tarrlab group at Carnegie Mellon, and study in the graduate program of the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Computing and Information. They have performed their music at Spirit, h0l0, 3577 Studios, and Our Place. They have exhibited installation work for the Hodgepodge series, and they are currently collaborating with Samir Gangwani on a multisensory installation feature for SoundPedro 2019.